ASHLYN PAYNE  - Class of 2015
Johns Creek High School
This year I have made Dean’s List, been apart of a program at Auburn called Freshman Leadership Program, been named the VP of Community Relations for the Beat Bama Food Drive, and was recently named a Student Recruiter for the university. I have also had unique opportunities to work on campus campaigns for SGA Elections, which was so fun because elections are taken so seriously here. I also got to go to Selma, Alabama on MLK day and work in the community and walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. And I also serve in some appointed officer positions in my sorority, Kappa Delta. I am having an amazing time here and cannot wait to see what else comes. Being here has really showed me the importance of the lessons we learned in SLJC and I am so appreciative of that! 

WILL CUSTIS - Class of 2015
Mt. Pisgah High School
My name is William Custis. I am a 2015 graduate of Student Leadership Johns Creek and a 2016 graduate of Mount Pisgah Christian School. I am currently a junior at Wake Forest University Business School majoring in Mathematical Business and Computer Science. I have used many of the skills developed during my time with Student Leadership Johns Creek such as prioritizing civic responsibility, time management, effective communication, and project execution. SLJC was a significant contributor in securing scholarships and awards for college. I’m very fortunate to have had Ms. Sanders providing input on letters of recommendations for my applications.

In my spare time, I now coach and manage a women’s basketball team, play club sports, and chair my fraternity’s civic events. I’m a proud member of the Wake Forest Deans List and after a successful internship at UPS and their Hackathon winner, I will be relocating to Charlotte, NC to work in the Technology Advisory Program. I’ll always be thankful for the foundation that SLJC provided.

ROHAN SOHANI - Class of 2018
Northview High School

I have been chosen to be the next VP of Networking at the Purdue Alumni Student Experience, a small group focused on the undergraduate experience within the Purdue Alumni Association. We are the largest student organization on campus, and my role specifically is to manage a group of 5-6 board of directors as we contact Alumni to speak at events and other projects we have planned.

In my interview, I was able to pull from a lot of my experience from SLJC to qualify me as a good VP!

SHIRIN KUPPUSAMY - Class of 2018
Northview High School
I am at Olin College of Engineering right now, and I am absolutely loving my first semester here. My classes can be challenging at times, but they are very hands-on and interesting. I am taking a bio-inspired mechanical engineering course, a Modeling and Simulations course in python, and an Intro to Sensors, Instrumentation, and Measurements course with a focus on circuitry. I am also taking a humanities course that evaluates the economic, political, and social impacts of textile production and waste on the community. In this course, we are working on a project with a local start-up to help spread awareness about this issue. Additionally, I am getting credit for a passionate pursuit in ballet.

Out of school, I am also dancing on Babson College's Dance Ensemble in Hip Hop and Contemporary and taking yoga classes at Babson. I joined an aquatic robotics team that is working to build an autonomous sailboat to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 4 years; I am working on coding a path planning algorithm for the team. I am also a member of our Robo Lab where I am working with a professor and an upperclassman on assisstive technology research. Aside from that, I enjoy being a board member of our community service group.

It has been a really big adjustment coming so far away from home (and it's cold!!), but I am learning a lot and getting a lot of exciting opportunities! I can't wait to see what the next four years hold, and I am really grateful for what Student Leadership has taught me. Learning how to communicate my goals and visions has served essential to getting many opportunities so far and continue to aid me as I strive to learn more throughout my time at Olin!

APURVA KASAM - Class of 2014
Northview High School
I just graduated from Georgia Tech (May 2018) with a major in Business Administration. I am now going to being my fellowship with Venture for America, a program that connects young professionals and startups to focus on revitalizing American cities and communities through entrepreneurship.

CHLOE MURPHY - Class of 2017
Chattahoochee High School
I'm finishing up my first year at UCLA, double-majoring in Global Studies and Economics. I attend UCLA under the prestigious Regents Scholarship (awarded to the top .01 percent of UCLA admits). I serve on its Board of Directors and helped plan this year's RSS Overnight Stay Program for incoming freshmen.
I plan to pursue a career in international business through an internship in Geneva this summer while building upon my interest in globalization. As a UCLA Alumni Scholar, I am building connections through their international mentorship program. On campus, you could find me volunteering for UNICEF at LA Family Housing, building awareness for UNA, and designing posters as Housing Publicity Rep.
When I moved to the West Coast right before my senior year, SLJC’s teachings aided my transition. SLJC gave me confidence and its strategies especially aided me when founding a new chapter of Venturing in Southern California.

NORA HANSEN - Class of 2014
Chattahoochee High School

I am graduating from Georgia Tech in May 2018. I majored in Industrial Engineering with Pre-Med. I am applying to medical school this summer.

SHREYAS KUMAR  - Class of 2016
Northview High School
I am currently majoring in neuroscience under the pre-med track at the College of William and Mary. This year, I am a Sharpe Community Scholar, where I focus on community-based research, learning about social issues by not only traditional research but also community engagement and service with other organizations. On campus, I am a brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, where we focus on serving the campus and community through volunteerism and philanthropy. In addition, I am a member of the South Asian Student Association. I hope to pursue research in the fields of either biology or chemistry in the next year or so.

ALICE ZHOU  - Class of 2016
Chattahoochee High School
I’m currently double majoring in management and biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On campus, I volunteer as a certified EMT on MIT’s student run ambulance service, and it has been a rewarding and humbling experience to be able to help people during their worst moments. I also serve as scholarship director in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and I am part of the Panhellenic Executive Board which represents all of MIT’s sororities. I’m incredibly thankful for all the skills SLJC has taught me and can’t wait to continue doing my best to improve the community around me!

SAM RAMESH  - Class of 2017
Chattahoochee High School

I am currently majoring in International Affairs and Political Science at the University of Georgia with a focus in National Security. I have been selected for a prestigious four year program, University Judiciary, where I am to advocate or defend students/student organizations who face problems with the University student conduct guidelines. I hope to pursue my interest in National Security by attending the study abroad Washington D.C. program over the summer.

RACHEL ZHU  - Class of 2014
Northview High School
I'm a second year Industrial and Systems Engineering major at Georgia Tech, graduating Fall 2018. I currently work as a Project Specialist/Project Manager co-op student for Cisco. On campus, I am a Resident Adviser specifically for freshman, and I am an active Brother of Alpha Kappa Psi (Georgia Tech's premier professional business fraternity). In my fraternity, I've served as Rush Director, Philanthropy Director, and Marketing Director among many other leadership positions. If you told my high school self this is where she'd be some years down the road, she'd never believe you! SLJC has definitely been my launch point in boosting my confidence to take the initiative and positively impact the causes I care about.

CONNIE HUANG  - Class of 2014
Northview High School
I am a third year student studying Management Information Systems and Computer Science at the University of Georgia. On campus, I immerse myself in volunteering opportunities such as helping out for the Athens Humane society when they have vaccination day of the month. My largest commitment is to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind where I am a volunteer puppy raiser. We train pups from 8-11 weeks old for about a year and they get sent back to New York for advanced training. Other than that, I help out with our Asian American Student Association and Taiwanese Student Association.

ANDREW BOCK  - Class of 2014
Chattahoochee High School
After having graduated from Chattahoochee in 2014, I enrolled into the Honors College at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Here, I am a junior studying Chemistry and French. I plan on applying to medical schools over the summer as to enroll in the fall of 2018. During Sophomore year, I spent a semester studying in Paris, France where I worked a full-time internship at a hospital. On campus, I am involved in the AEPi fraternity, Chabad, A free clinic called SHAC, and I tutor chemistry. I currently work in a research lab on campus studying neuronal migration and the formation of synapses. In February 2017, I helped open up Johns Creek's very own Stoney River steakhouse's newest location here in Chapel Hill. 12-2017 update: I am still battling through the medical school application season, but I currently have a few acceptances under my belt, and a few more interviews along the way. In November I was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. I am excited and sad to be graduating in May, but I am ready for the next step, although it's scary not knowing where in this country I'll be living in eight months from now. Update:  I am a member of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Class of 2018. Here I pursued a double major in Chemistry and French Literature. I also completed a minor in Medical Anthropology. After graduation plans? I am enrolling into Duke School of Medicine's Class of 2022. Despite me new home at Duke I will always be a proud Tar Heel!

ANNA TUGGLE – Class of 2014
Johns Creek  High School
I am a sophomore at Samford University and am studying Journalism and Mass Communication as well as Marketing. On campus, I keep myself busy with various leadership position in my sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha) as well as serving on our Samford Recruitment Team. I also have received many leadership scholarships as well as been named to our Dean’s List. It is crazy to see that the skills that I learned in SLJC my sophomore and junior year of high school have carried over to college. SLJC is such a great program and I am honored to have been a part of the founding class.

ANKITA SHROFF  - Class of 2015

Northview High School
I am currently a first-year student at Georgia Tech majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in German. During my first semester, I pledged Alpha Kappa Psi, Georgia Tech's premier professional co-ed business fraternity, and I currently serve as the fraternity's Director of External Professional Programming, a position which allows me to form relationships with other leadership oriented campus organizations and improve the professionalism of the Georgia Tech business community. I am also a member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, an organization which has provided me with many valuable insights into my major. Outside of academics, I have begun taking Krav Maga (an Isreali martial arts style) classes at our Campus Recreation Center, which has been a fun way for me to stay active and de-stress.

ISABEL CHENG  - Class of 2016
Chattahoochee High School
I'm going to be studying abroad in Beijing this summer through a fully-funded fellowship that Yale offers for East Asian language study called the Light Fellowship. I've also been getting more involved on campus, especially through the Chinese American Students Association (CASA) and various volunteering services that help teach ESL kids in nearby middle schools. I'm on the board for CASA as their cultural chair, so I've definitely applied skills from SLJC to how I plan and organize events! Still not sure what I want to major in yet, but maybe something along the lines of Economics and East Asian Studies. It would be super cool for work in Asia for a couple of years after graduation I think. 

DREW FOX  - Class of 2015
Johns Creek High School
I attend Indiana University and am majoring in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management with a minor in Human Resources Management. I work with the admissions office here at IU as part of the recruitment team participating in campus tours, group presentations, and special events!

AHILIYA NAT  - Class of 2016
Johns Creek High School
I'm currently a first year at Georgia Tech double-majoring in Public Policy and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. I'm also working with the admissions office to increase the number of enrolled women at Tech, doing research for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, am an ambassador for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, and am a liaison for a South Asian dance competition. 

ASHLEY LEE  - Class of 2014
Johns Creek High School
I am currently going into my senior year at The University of Michigan where I am studying Business with a double minor in Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Studies. I will be working for Anheuser-Busch InBev this summer in New York City (the company that brews Bud Light and Budweiser, to name just a few) doing business management and marketing. I currently work for my school’s Outdoor Adventures program where I help with hiking and camping trips throughout the year. In the last few years, I have worked with nonprofits for economic development and have done water sustainability projects for Nicaragua. And I’m excited to say I will be launching my own nonprofit soon! GO BLUE!

ADRIAN HOEFER - Class of 2015
Centennial  High School
I am attending the George Washington University in DC and am participating in the Honors Program. I am also an editor for The Globe, a student run international affairs journal and am working two jobs.

Chattahoochee High School
I am currently a sophomore at the University of West Georgia, where I am on scholarship to play soccer. My major is biology, and I plan on attending medical school at the University of Kentucky in two years when I graduate. It's really amazing how much the skills I learned in SLJC have positively impacted my activities in college, and how much I think back on all that we did. I am a leader of the Women's soccer team and absolutely love being a collegiate athlete, I have made Dean's List, am a member of honors college, and have recently become a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.

JOE WHALLEY - Class of 2016
Northview High School
Joe has decided to attend Milligan College in East Tennessee on a joint cycling and academic scholarship.  He is joining their Honors College and will be studying pre-medicine.

VIDUSHI GUPTA - Class of 2016

Northview  High School
I'm loving my time at Emory. I was selected to be in Phi Eta Sigma, which is the top 10% of the class. I have been offered a Teacher's Assistant position as well as a Supplemental Instructor position. I just found recently that I have been selected as an RA for the upcoming year, and also got a position as a Research Assistant in a Cancer Biology lab. But besides academics, I have been loving the college experience, made friends from various backgrounds and also built on my leadership skills through a leadership program here similar to SLJC. I love volunteering around my community, esp for Sac Lunch Saturday, where we prepare lunches for kids around the city and also Atlanta Food Bank's events. I always find new ways to keep myself busy! I am so glad I chose Emory because it really feels like home away from home (although actual home isn't that far, which is always a plus point.)

NICOLE  SCHOETTLER  - Class of 2016
Johns Creek High School
I am currently majoring in biology at the University of Georgia. I am on the pre-med track and plan to attend medical school after I graduate in 2020. I was also accepted into the Honors College this past January. I spend most of my time volunteering through my sorority (Pi Beta Phi).

SHIVALI PANDYA  - Class of 2016
Northview High School
I am a first year at Georgia Tech studying Economics and International Affairs with a minor in Computer Science. This summer I am going to study abroad in Europe through Georgia Tech's European Union summer program. I am on the Government Relations committee as well as the Freshmen Committee of Student Government, the School of International Affairs Student Advisory Board, and the Model United Nations team. I am also an ambassador for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

RISHA PARIKH  - Class of 2015
Johns Creek High School
I am in my second year at Georgia Tech.


SNEHA IYER  - Class of 2015
Johns Creek High School
I am a freshman at Princeton University studying Biological Engineering. To name a few things I do: I am on the Princeton Womens Rugby team, a leader of Engineering without borders (a club that builds water systems to deliver potable water to villages in Peru), and an a producer for an on-campus TV show!

RAAHUL ACHARYA - Class of 2016
Northview High School
I'm currently a freshman at Harvard and I have not decided upon my major, but most likely Computer Science. Its really hard but its been awesome. I've joined the HFAC (financial analysts), I have a job as the marketing manager for HSA (Harvard Student Agencies), I do club tennis, and I am in Kappa Sig and SAMC (South Asian Mens Collective).