AT&T Senior Device Training Event

March 9, 2019

Student Leadership Johns Creek collaborated with AT&T to present the 3rd annual Senior Device Training at Park Place at Newtown Park.  Nearly 40 seniors attended the event and were given one-on-one assistance from SLJC students. One resident in attendance said,“What a great job to all. Sajan Parikh and Amshu Chakragiri were a lifeline support. Thanks to AT&T as well as Student Leadership Johns Creek. This tech support program is such a benefit to the senior population above all getting to meet the students makes me much happier to our future.”

Thank you to the following students: Natasha Mohanty, Pallavi Eranezhath, Sarah McWhirter, Linda Jawahar, Gargee Jamadagni, Nikhil Uppal, Madison Brown, Keya Parikh, Jenny Liu, David Hsi, Srija Sengupta, Mallika Kenkare, Bailey Hebermehl, Amshu Chakragiri, Sajan Parikh, Eliza Imhoff, Yasmin Shalim and Sameer Shalim.

Thank you to Mr. Don Barbour, Regional Director - External Affairs from AT&T Georgia, for facilitating the event and providing devices for those seniors who did not bring their own. This was a wonderful and rewarding event. We appreciate AT&T's sponsorship of Student Leadership Johns Creek.