Government Day - November 15, 2018

The Class of 2020 had a full day on November 15th.  We boarded the bus at 7:15 am and headed to the Department of Revenue where Commissioner Lynne Riley and her staff met us. The students learned about what the Department of Revenue does on a daily basis for the citizens of Georgia.  The highlight, as always, was when Officer Sid, the drug dog, came and showed off his skills for the students.

We then headed to the Fulton County jail where Sheriff Ted Jackson and his staff explained how the jail is run and the importance of education. The students toured the jail and got to see much of this facility. 

We then headed to the Fulton County Government Building and Commissioner Liz Hausmann escorted our group to the Judicial Building to watch an actual trial in process. The students then got to meet Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall and he spoke to them about how many of the inmates from the jail end up in front of his court - it was a great way to finish the circle of the judicial system in Fulton County.

During a lunch and learn session, the students heard from Commissioner Hausmann about the role that Fulton County has in their lives, she spoke about the recent election process and showed how many voters actually participated in this mid-term election. The students also learned about how for the past two years Fulton County has been in the process of implementing plans for the upcoming Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Our last stop was the Georgia Capitol. Mr. Roger Wise gave us a special tour of the inner workings under the Gold Dome.  Senator Emanuel Jones allowed the students to sit in on a conference call that dealt with the planning of the Martin Luther King celebration held in January 2019. A few of our students said that this was one of the most interesting segments of the day as they enjoyed seeing how government actually works. Our Secretary of State Ambassadors were lucky to get a backstage tour of the House chambers with Representative Scott Hilton from Peachtree Corners. After our special tour of the Capitol we headed back to Johns Creek - tired, but definitely more enlightened about how our County and State government works.