February 11, 2020 Program Day

February 11, 2020 - Financial Awareness

The program day was all about finances. We were delighted to have author, Entrepreneur and corporate executive Lynda Lee Smith talk to the students. Lynda brings a great deal of knowledge to achieving wealth, even to students at such a young age.  In addition, we were joined by Marcus Hillard from the Georgia Student Finance Commission who talked about all that is student financial aid for college. Marion Silverman from Financially Astute discussed budgeting as teens, important things these students need to know as they move from high school to college. Ronda Youngblood from Infinity Learning discussed some of the things to consider as you determine the right choice for a college or university.  Ronda also offered all our student leaders a 20% discount on any of their course offerings. 



2/11/2020 Photos