Speaker Seminar - March 17, 2021

March 17, 2021 - Speaker Series - Class of 2021

Thank you to the City of Johns Creek for providing two specially made videos for our Class of 2021 members. Because of the pandemic, this class was unable to actually have City Day, but the city provided these special videos and also joined us in the meeting to talk about the many parks in Johns Creek.  

Tour of City Hall - https://youtu.be/-qX_bt6z2e8

K9 Video - https://youtu.be/aHI0ueCuhFw

Parks Presentation - https://youtu.be/XsNsza1GfcM

We then had two very special speakers, Mr. Richard Brooks and Mr. Al Stanley who discussed many things including societal economies and cyber security issues. These are very relevant topics for our students and we appreciated the time and talent these two men shared with each of them.

Richard Brooks and Al Stanley Presentation - https://youtu.be/WtuMhl0WaCU

We ended the day with our Secretary of State Ambassadors hosting a seminar on Women in STEM. Speakers included Dessie DiMino - Software Engineer at Microsoft, Sai Naraharisetti - Student Research Intern at the University of Maryland and Avantika Khanna from WiSTEM.


This program concluded the class of 2021 - we wish this class the best of luck. Remember to ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF!  Work hard, stay humble and never lose sight of what makes you happy.