The last program day for the class of 2024 - we'll hear from some diverse speakers about many subjects

Empowering our Students

To develop, energize, and activate community leaders in Johns Creek by providing insight into and interaction with city, business, and government executives to affect positive change.



The last program day for the class of 2024 - we'll hear from some diverse speakers about many subjects


The SLJC Class of 2024 will graduate and receive their cords and certificates of completion!


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Nelson Pinnock - Class of 2024

"This program has been nothing short of a blessing on my life and leadership potential. From the numerous speakers and lessons I've been able to learn from, to the amazing people I've been able to work with, thank you for such great opportunities."

Aesha Shah - SLJC Class of 2022

"From piecing together parts of the Harry Potter theme song for the next clue at our first virtual retreat to taking our final group pictures at City Day, Student Leadership Johns Creek has been a memorable journey, transforming who I am. Through SLJC, I have developed a certain confidence in serving and giving back to the community that has very generously supported me, preparing me for the future."

Omer Mujawar, Class of 2022

"Student Leadership Johns Creek is truly an exceptional and unique program that has allowed me to grow as a person and as a leader. Serving as a Secretary of State Ambassador, in particular, has allowed me to learn and utilize valuable leadership skills, whether it was in the debates we hosted or the webinars we organized. I would not be the person I am today without the experiences I've had and the support I've received from SLJC and Mrs. Sanders."

Ananya Shetty - Class of 2022

"Being a part of Student Leadership Johns Creek has been an amazing and insightful experience! I have learned so many skills applicable in the workforce and have had so many memorable experiences which have prepared me for the future. I am genuinely so happy that I was given the opportunity to be in this program because it taught how to be successful and I have made so many friends!!"

Ann Philip, Class of 2020

As a SLJC alum, I can confidently say that my time in Student Leadership was by far one of best high school experiences I could've ever asked for. Not only did I meet so many young leaders in my area, but through non profit projects, job shadowing opportunities, local business and government workshops and more- I learned the importance of networking in today's world, and continue to practice the same ideals and build on my past connections along the way- even as a first year college student.

Kelsey Ahn
Class of 2019

SLJC has really helped me grow as a person, and I don’t think I would be where I am now without the help of all of the skills I learned in the program.

Sid Balaga
Class of 2019

Student Leadership Johns Creek was one of the most rewarding programs I've ever participated in. From excelling in community leadership to professional networking, SLJC has helped me become the best version of myself.

Niyomi Shah
Class of 2021

The Student Leadership Johns Creek is a unique platform that allows you to not only expand your definition of leadership but also encourages all participants to follow their passions and provides assistance from experienced community leaders to help turn your dreams of improving your community into a reality.

Olivia Logan
Class of 2019

Before SLJC, I was interested in helping my community, but wasn’t sure how to get started. After becoming a part of the program, meeting new people, working on group service projects, listening to incredible speakers, and gaining professional experience, I learned not only what it means to be a leader, but also how I can take concrete steps towards becoming one.

Suraj Peramanu
Class of 2019

Student Leadership of Johns Creek was a one-of-a-kind experience for me. Not only did I learn about the important aspects of a leader and how to emulate them in the real world, but I also got the opportunity to meet many incredible, hard-working students who shared the same goals as I did.

Anuhya Kasam
Class of 2019

There are only a few moments in someone's life that she will cherish forever, and for me, SLJC has provided me with countless of these moments. Student Leadership Johns Creek has shaped me into a stronger and more empowering young woman and leader, and I could not be more grateful for what this program has offered me.

Matt Wozniak
Class of 2018

My experience in the Student Leadership Johns Creek program was unforgettable and truly impactful on my life. The amount of opportunity that the program offers allows you to grow into a strong, well-rounded leader.

Drew Hoffman
Class of 2018

SLJC has provided me with opportunities that would be incredibly hard to find without the assistance of the program.

Raymond Zhu
Class of 2017

Over the past two years, SLJC has been one of the most enriching experiences in my high school career. I have found experiences I otherwise would never have found, and in doing so I now better understand what fields I want to pursue.

Swati Gupta
Class of 2017

SLJC is an amazing opportunity for anyone, people who don't even consider themselves leaders yet, to be part of an outstanding group of driven individuals all working towards the same goal - to make our community a better place.

Meena Chetty
Class of 2018

The Student Leadership Program has given me an opportunity to grow and develop as not only a leader, but also as a person. I have gained a multitude of skills from this program, including public-speaking as well as group organization.

Nathaniel Alemayehu
Class of 2019

SLJC is incomparable in the way it fuses lifelong leadership skills into its students’ characters through immersive program day experiences and highly qualified guest speakers. I plan to take not only the organizational expertise but also the altruistic tendencies I have developed here as I progress onward with my life.

Liz Wong
Class of 2017

Through the two-year program in SLJC, I have grown from being an immature high-school girl to being a mature leader. Being a part of SLJC has made me escape out of my comfort zone to be a confident leader. I am beyond thankful to have applied to this wonderful program, especially to my coordinator, Irene Sanders.

Vidya Gopalakrishna
Class of 2018

Student Leadership has encouraged me to follow my passion in politics through behind-the-scene tours of the Department of Revenue and the Fulton County Courts, while also giving me the opportunity to give back to the city which has made me the person I am today. Thank you, Student Leadership Johns Creek, for helping me grow not only as a leader, but also as a person!

Sarina Parikh
Class of 2018

SLJC has exposed me to terrific opportunities by introducing unique leadership roles in our community, promoting teamwork through collaboration with other students from nearby high schools, thus inspiring future leaders in today's society.

Julia Green
Class of 2018

Over the last several months SLJC has taught me how to be a better leader. The skills that I am learning through this program, will help me be a better leader and understand the impact of being involved with my community and the importance of helping others.

Lauren Ridley
Class of 2018

SLJC has given me the opportunity to learn new things, try new things, and make new friends.

Amy Jiang
Class of 2017

Student Leadership Johns Creek as transformed the way I view leadership and the different leadership roles we take on in our everyday lives. The skills we learn in the program are applicable to us as not only student leaders, but also as members of an interconnected society.

Anna Johnson
Class of 2018

My favorite thing about SLJC is teaching leadership skills to our younger elementary school students across the street. Student leadership is dynamic. We all have perspectives to share and skills to teach to each other - no matter what our age. We are learning to be leaders together!

Koosha Kermani
Class of 2017

The Student Leadership Johns Creek program is something I've been humbled to be a part of for the past two years of high school. The interactive activities and the fun I've had are just unforgettable. This is THE program to be a part of to prepare you for college and the world.

Sanjay Sridhar
Class of 2017

The Student Leadership Program has given me an opportunity to grow and develop as not only a leader, but also as a person. I have gained a multitude of skills from this program, including public-speaking as well as group organization.

William Custis
Class of 2015

My name is William Custis and I'm a freshman at Wake Forest University double majoring in mathematical business and computer science. My university's motto is "for humanity". My time participating in Student Leadership Johns Creek definitely prepared me for the projects and initiatives that I am currently working on. It also ignited my passion to lead and serve in college and to get involved beyond the classroom. I have so much appreciation for every person involved with this program and for all of the professionals that we were exposed to throughout the two years.

Caroline Custis
Class of 2018

I have learned so many meaningful things. In order to be a good leader, one must have the ability to listen to others and be a team player. We are currently working as a group in a community service project benefiting the students of Findley Oaks Elementary. The team building exercises that we've been given, field trips, and speakers have allowed me to be a more confident member as we work to enhance the Johns Creek community. I'm very proud to be a part of this organization.

Meredith McCain
Class of 2016

SLJC was an overall amazing opportunity that really helped prepare me for leadership positions in high school. Now that I'm in college, I realize how beneficial this experience was in teaching me how to work with others and stand out as a leader. I would highly recommend SLJC as a way to discover your personal leadership style and serve the community at the same time.

Brittany Dargis
Class of 2016

Student Leadership Johns Creek provided me with a platform to learn about leadership, to grow from my mistakes, and to give back to my community. Being involved with the program challenged me to grow as a leader and as a person.

Kaushi Chandraratna
Class of 2016

SLJC taught me that there's a leader within everyone, no matter your personality type; being just yourself allows you to be a leader, there isn't a certain archetype that you have to adhere to. Gaining this knowledge is what helped me realize that I can be a quiet leader or a loud one, so long as I help to create change for the better while communicating earnestly and being respectful, and for that I am grateful. Hope all is going well with the current classes of SLJC!

Preeti Iyer
Class of 2015

I was part of the student leadership program throughout my sophomore and junior year of high school. I had always been involved in leadership with the school and community, but SLJC grew me into a more informed, effective and responsible leader by connecting me with local leaders, holding developmental workshops with other youth leaders, and giving me an outlet to develop and implement community-based initiatives with other students. Overall the program gave me both the skills and confidence I needed to allow me to fulfill more demanding and influential leadership positions during my senior year in high school and beyond.

Nabeel Khan
Class of 2015

Student Leadership Johns Creek not only exposed me to some of the most successful people in my community, it also instilled traits of leadership within me as well. I still remember things like the iceberg lecture and the many activities we did in order to not only learn but also to apply our leadership skills.

Siri Choragudi
Class of 2015

Student Leadership of Johns Creek taught me how to network, work in a team, but most importantly how to step up and take initiative.

Isabella Cheng
Class of 2016

SLJC helped me to realize the importance of leadership on a both macro and micro level. It's given me such amazing opportunities to interact with important and pioneering leaders in various fields and these opportunities have shaped both my insights on life and my goals for the future.

Minji Kim
Class of 2016

As part of SLJC, I met many people who were compassionate and confident, two valuable traits I developed through SLJC. I also really enjoyed listening to all the guest speakers and the unique stories they had to tell.

Chloe Murphy
Class of 2016

Student Leadership Johns Creek enabled me to connect with community leaders from various backgrounds and learn valuable lessons about the true essence of leadership. This program challenged me to create my own projects and pushed me to follow my passion towards a bright future.

Ahiliya Nat
Class of 2016

SLJC was an opportunity for me to not only cultivate my leadership skills but to also network and connect with so many amazing students and professionals that are leaders in their fields. The opportunities provided to me through SLJC, such as paging for Senator Albers, have allowed me to have experiences that are far beyond what I could have achieved without this program.

Brooke Zhang
Class of 2016

SLJC has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of my high school career. This program and its instructors truly want to help us reach our full potential as leaders in our communities and beyond. I now look back at the opportunities SLJC gave me to initiate service projects, pursue my own career interests, and learn from leaders who practice what they preach, and realize that SLJC made a lasting impact on my growth as a student leader.

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