Student Leadership Johns Creek (SLJC) is designed to empower young minds, cultivate leadership skills, and foster a deep sense of community engagement.

Studies have shown that student leadership programs like ours have a significant positive impact on communities. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Student Councils, schools with comprehensive leadership programs report a 24% increase in student engagement, leading to higher academic performance and lower dropout rates. Our program aims to follow this trend by providing our students with hands-on experiences that not only build their leadership abilities but also instill a strong sense of responsibility towards the community they live in.

Throughout the program, our students actively participate in a wide array of projects that make a tangible difference in Johns Creek and beyond. From organizing community service events to spearheading innovative projects that address local challenges, our aspiring leaders showcase their dedication and creativity. These remarkable young individuals develop essential skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and decision-making, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead and inspire others in their future pursuits.


To develop, energize, and activate community leaders in Johns Creek by providing insight into and interaction with city, business, and government executives to affect positive change.


College Perceptions and Opportunities:

  • SLJC cultivates well-rounded students with leadership experience, making them attractive candidates for college admissions.
  • Colleges value students who have demonstrated community engagement and leadership, giving our participants an edge in the competitive application process.
  • Student involvement in impactful community projects showcases their commitment to making a difference, aligning with colleges' values of contributing to society.

Mentorship and Business Engagement:

  • We foster a culture of mentorship, inviting local businesses and professionals to share their expertise with students.
  • Mentoring opportunities allow students to connect with industry leaders, gaining insights into real-world scenarios and potential career paths.
  • Businesses that invest in mentoring foster a talent pipeline and contribute to the development of future leaders, enriching both the students' lives and the community.

Sponsorship that Supports Positive Community Impact:

  • Donors and local businesses can directly influence the lives of students by supporting the program financially.
  • Through their contributions, they contribute to the education and growth of tomorrow's leaders, elevating the community as a whole.
  • Businesses that engage as mentors not only give back but also build strong connections within the community and foster a sense of shared responsibility.
  • As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Leadership Johns Creek, Inc. relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to fulfill our Mission. Please consider giving to strengthen our adult and student leaders of today and tomorrow and ensure a brighter future.


They Were Here Documentary Films
As a collaborative effort with Student Leadership Johns Creek, Mercer University and the Johns Creek Historical Society we worked to receive a generous grant from the Georgia Humanities to produce 4-documentary films about a local cemetery here in our community.  The Macedonia Cemetery is home to about 105 graves of former slaves and their descendants.  The films were completely done by students in our first-year program (all 15-17 years old), including filming, researching, script writing, voice over recording and editing the films.  We had our premiere at Johns Creek High School and many dignitaries attended including United States Congresswoman Lucy McBath who gave all the students a Congressional Recognition Certificate for their hard work on this project. 

Film 1:
Film 2:
Film 3:
Film 4:

Same Storm, Different Boats Traveling Exhibit and Book
Student Leadership Johns Creek again partnered with Mercer University Tift College of Education and the Johns Creek Historical Society to receive grant funding to work on a unique project documenting the living history of the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant project, Same Storm, Different Boats was sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Eastern Region Program, coordinated by Waynesburg University. This project focused on how the coronavirus impacted people across the world, especially in our local community of Johns Creek. Although we all lived through this worldwide pandemic, everyone experienced it differently. Students from Student Leadership Johns Creek conducted conduct primary and secondary source research by acquiring and analyzing resources such as photographs, art, poetry, videos and oral histories that documented the various experiences and perspectives of community members during the pandemic. Their research was included in a travelling exhibit that is available for educational programming about the pandemic for events in Johns Creek as well as at Mercer University and the students created a book further documenting their efforts.


In summary, the Student Leadership Johns Creek program enhances students' lives by imparting essential skills, positioning them favorably for college admissions, and fostering mentorship opportunities with local businesses. Donors and businesses play a pivotal role in shaping students' futures and the community by supporting and mentoring these aspiring leaders. Together, we create a positive cycle of growth, opportunity, and community enrichment.

Leadership Johns Creek thanks our generous sponsors for their continued support of our program: Emory Johns Creek Hospital, City of Johns Creek, KKC Investments, and Renasant Bank for their generous support of the program.